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The Fleury Sessions & Rockpalast DVD (LE)

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The Fleury Sessions
The Fleury Sessions CD & Rockpalast DVD (Region 0)
Rockpalast DVD (Unwrapped)

01. Sun Gonna Shine
02. Fool Again
03. Taken By Surprise
04. Shine
05. King Of Baltimore
06. Everybody Loves Her
07. First Sight
08. All The Love
09. Shooting Star
10. Le Soleil Brille (Sun Gonna Shine-French)

Rockpalast DVD (Region 0)
01. Fool Again
02. Shot OF Will
03. Another Way Around
04. Ceremony
05. Memories
06. Blood To Indigo
07. Sister Moon
08. No Disguise
BONUS: Interview

We recorded most of this record in the beautiful village of Fleury En Bierre, France, about an hour south of Paris, when we had finished our Fall tour of Germany & The Netherlands. I had always wanted to make a record right after a tour ended, while band was still tight & loose, and most importantly still together. The tracks were recorded live with some overdubs done in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Produced by Joseph Parsons
Engineered by Scott Bricklin, Matt Muir, Joseph Parsons, Adam Winokur, Jesse Honig
Mixed by Pete Donnelly at Westmont Station, USA
Mastered by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4, Conshohocken, PA USA

Recorded at Fleury En Bierre, FR • Kawari Sound, PA USA, JP Mobile Studio, Miriam Audio, PA USA

Joseph Parsons • Lead Vocals, acoustic guitars, background vocals, piano, percussion & harmonica
Tom Gillam • Electric guitars, background vocals & organ
Scott Bricklin • Bass, background vocals & electric guitars
Matt Muir • Drums, percussion & background vocals

All songs written by Joseph Parsons (BMI / ThenThen Music)
Except ‘Everybody Loves Her’ by Joseph Parsons & Tom Gillam (BMI / Radio Rodeo Music)
‘Le Soleil Brille’ (Sun Gonna Shine) Adaptation by Laurent Guerin (Editions Agrumes)

©2006 Joseph Parsons All Rights Reserved.


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