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Live 2

This is from the personal JP Live Series. These are hand picked live concerts and created by Joseph. It is ONLY available at a Live Concert or by Mail Order.


Recorded at St. Barbara Church
Lichtentanne, Germany
February 26, 2014

Recorded by Mirko Dominiak (
Mixed by Sven Hansen

Photos: Marlies Lam, Peter Molz, Frank van den Ing

01 True
02 …Paco Dedication
03 Dig That Well
04 Color Of Love
05 Everybody Loves Her
06 …Trouble
07 Dume Room
08 Roman & Michael
09 Live Like The King
10 Falling (Solo)
11 Anyone
12 SingSingSing
13 Seek The Truth
14 Leave This Town
15 Shine
16 …Thanks
17 Fearless

©2016 Joseph Parsons

All songs written by Joseph Parsons

Ross Bellenoit Electric Guitars & Background Vocals
Sven Hansen Drums
Freddi Lubitz Bass & Background Vocals
Joseph Parsons Vocals & Acoustic Guitars

Special thanks to Mirko for recording this show. Also, special thanks to Andreas Voight and all the folks from the Liederbuch e.V.!

Live music rocks!

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