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Live 2 - SOLD OUT

01 True
02 …Paco Dedication
03 Dig That Well
04 Color Of Love
05 Everybody Loves Her
06 …Trouble
07 Dume Room
08 Roman & Michael
09 Live Like The King
10 Falling (Solo)
11 Anyone
12 SingSingSing
13 Seek The Truth
14 Leave This Town
15 Shine
16 …Thanks
17 Fearless

©2016 Joseph Parsons

This is from the personal JP Live Series. These are hand picked live concerts and created by Joseph. It is ONLY available at a Live Concert or by Mail Order.


Recorded at St. Barbara Church
Lichtentanne, Germany
February 26, 2014

Recorded by Mirko Dominiak (
Mixed by Sven Hansen

Photos: Marlies Lam, Peter Molz, Frank van den Ing

All songs written by Joseph Parsons

Ross Bellenoit Electric Guitars & Background Vocals
Sven Hansen Drums
Freddi Lubitz Bass & Background Vocals
Joseph Parsons Vocals & Acoustic Guitars

Special thanks to Mirko for recording this show. Also, special thanks to Andreas Voight and all the folks from the Liederbuch e.V.!

Live music rocks!

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