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Hope For Centuries

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01 Harbinger
02 Runway
03 Cruel Hard World
04 More
05 Roman & Michael
06 Color Of Love
07 Float
08 Never Know
09 Design For Life
10 Broken Vows
11 Spiritual
12 The Meditation
13 SingSingSing

Release Date: June 10, 2011
Distributed by: India Media Group / Rough Trade

Produced & Mixed by Devin Greenwood

Joseph Parsons Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Freddi Lubitz Bass, Background Vocals
Ross Bellenoit Electric Guitars, Moog, Baritone Guitar
Sven Hansen Drums & Percussion

Devin Greenwood Organ, Background Vocals, Percussion, Piano, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel, Harmonica
Emily Ana Zeitlyn Background Vocals

Recording Engineer Matt Muir
Recorded at Kawari Sound in Wyncote, Pennsylvania USA
Mixed at the Honey Jar in Brooklyn, NYC
Mastered by Andy Horn at the Red Room in Berolzheim, Germany

Design by Anna (
Photo Credits: Christian Schirbort, Anna Parsons, Lisa Schafer (, Freddi Lubitz, Jörg Lindnör, Joseph Parsons

All Songs written by Joseph Parsons (©2011 Joseph Parsons / ThenThen Music)
Except ‘Broken Vows’ - Lyrics author unknown, translated from an old Irish poem by Lady Gregory 1852-1932)

All songs Arranged by the Joseph Parsons Band
All songs published by ThenThen Music / All Rights Reserved.


Digital Download Packages (DDP) are designed & ‘hand’ made by Joseph. Each are unique and prepared These audio packages are designed & ‘hand’ made by Joseph Parsons. Each are unique and prepared with great care to bring you the best possible experience with his music. To begin, all you need to do is UNZIP it!

Each WAV includes:
- Original MASTER Audio Files - .wav - exactly what you get on CD’s.
- MP3 Files (192 bit or higher)
- Original Printable Artwork (PDF), Lyrics, Extra Photos or Posters when available.

Each MP3 includes:
- MP3 Files (192 bit or higher)
- Original Printable Artwork (PDF), Lyrics, Extra Photos or Posters when available.

Import into iTunes, or any digital music application (PC or MAC), burn original CDR's for your stereo, car or share with your friends! We suggest you back this up as it is yours forever. There are no restrictions on it and we encourage you to share it, not sell it. Music is meant to be listened to. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

This is a 100% green product. No Plastic, No Paper, No Pollution!