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Digging For Rays

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01 Wide Awake
02 Come Around
03 Living Things
04 Beautiful Lie
05 Today
06 Piracy
07 Sad Parade
08 Dreaming
09 Long Road

10 Hellwach (Wide Awake)

Produced by Joseph Parsons
Songs Arranged by Joseph Parsons Band

Recording Engineered by Sven Hansen
Remote Recording in Jerúsalem (Coligny), France

Additional Recording
Joseph Parsons at Dume Room Studio (Parchim, Germany)
Freddi Lubitz at leebuzz audio

Mixed by Joseph Parsons & Andy Horn
Mix assistance by Sven Hansen, Shane Smith

Mastered by Andy Horn at Final Audio (Berolzheim, Germany)

Design by Anna (
Cover Photo by Christian Schirbort
Additional Photo’s by Freddi Lubitz & Joseph Parsons

© Ⓟ 2019 Joseph Parsons / ThenThen Music BMI (USA) / GEMA (RoW)
All Rights Reserved.

We recorded this record at my friend Glens’ house in Jerúsalem (Coligny), France while on tour. As with all our records, we record together, live, and make a few overdubs when necessary. As I write this, we’ve been together over ten years. Although on two continents, we always seem to find a way to create. I may write and sing the songs, but the boys are the real deal. It shows in our approach and adventurous, artistic reaching. My appreciation & respect runs deep for the guys and the support we all get from our fans and extended family from the road.

February, 2019
Parchim, Germany